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Antique Gilded Mirror in 6kt White Gold Leaf
Antique Gilded Mirror, 6kt White Gold Leaf

Gilding on Glass
The use of gold or silver leaf on glass goes back to early Roman times and was a popular technique used for Looking Glass Mirrors during eighteenth and nineteenth century England .

Verre Églomisé, the practice of reverse gilding and etched painting on glass incorporating gold and silver leaf, is the foundation for the gilded mirrors offered by Charles Douglas in his Seattle gilding studio.

Each precious leaf is applied by hand and adhered to the back of glass with a gelatin and water solution. When dry, the gold or silver leaf is very gently rubbed and sealed in black paint. The effect is mirror-like with the lap lines between each leaf fully apparent.

For a distressed look (as shown in the above photograph) the strength of the gelatin size is prepared slightly weak to allow the leaf to abrade when rubbed with cotton, revealing the black backup paint when the mirror is viewed from the front. An umber-black tinted shellac speckled pattern may be applied before the glass is gilded for additional effect  .

All karats of gold and white gold as well as genuine silver leaf may be used including 6k, 9k, 12k, and palladium being the most popular. All leaf is selected for its high quality and imported from such countries as Italy, France, England, Germany, and Japan.Various glass thicknesses and optional beveled edges are available, with quarter inch thick glass recommended for mirrors. 

Call or email to further discuss your gilded mirror options.

Verre Eglomise: Applying gelatin in water solution to adhere 23k Gold Leaf

Laying 23kt Gold Leaf to prepared Glass Mirror

Verre Eglomise: Gilding glass with 23k Gold Leaf
verre eglomise tabletop.jpg
Verre Eglomise Tabletop gilded with 22kt Gold Leaf with a painted floral motif

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