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24kt Oil Gilded Iron Tabletop

Custom Gilding for Wood, Glass, Metal, Stone
One of the many benefits of a custom service is choice. For gilding there are a vast number of color choices and treatments that are available that are not always seen in the marketplace which can complement an interior setting. It provides the opportunity for the interior designer to work with the gilder directly to reach their vision, whether for a gilded chair, stool, mirror, or a unique decorative accessory.
There are over 25 different shades of genuine gold and silver leaf available from Charles Douglas Gilding Studio, imported from Italy, France, England, Australia, Germany, China, and Japan. Karats range from 9k, 12k, and 13.25k white gold to 16k, 23k, and 24k fine gold and many in-between. Other precious metals that can widen the color palette include moon gold, black oxidozed silver, platinum, and palladium, deep and rich in color tone which may be further enhanced with a hint of a black wash.  Non-precious metals of brass and aluminum are also available.
Clay bole, the undercoat used under gold leaf in traditional water gilding, is most often seen in the beautiful traditional red. The color range of clays extend, however, to green, dark blue, light blue, ochre, and black and can be custom mixed for maximum effect to coordinate with an interior's environment or works of art. Crackle gesso under the clay bole can also provide the opportunity for an extreme aged appearance.
Listed below are some of the items offered through Charles Douglas Gilding Studio:
Architectural Elements
See the section Architectural Gilding
Picture and Mirror Frames
Many gilded frame finishes by Charles Douglas Gilding Studio may be found in select fine art frameshops in Seattle. Special frame projects, including mirror frames and unique custom carved wood designs, are available directly to Designers and combine collaborative efforts between the gilding studio and local woodcarvers. To discuss your project, please call or email your inquiry. Charles will be very happy to assist you.
Yacht Interiors and Special Projects
The use of gold and silver leafing as a decorative finish is extensive. Past projects that extend beyond the above listed items include gold leaf gilding for yacht interiors, house moulding trim, architectural signage, interior church ornaments, and icon boards for tempera painting. Planning is underway for introducing gilded stonework including gilded incised lettering for monuments. Call or email to discuss your options for the use of  gold leaf gilding for your special project. Trade discounts apply.

Sidechairs, Traditionally Water Gilded, 22k Gol Leaf
Carving by Joel Shepard Furniture, Seattle, WA
Water Gilded Moon Gold, a combination of Gold, Platinum, Palladium, & Silver

Visit the Website for Joel Shepard Furniture in Seattle, WA

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